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Production Sound Mixer & Sound Recordist

Based in Chicago, IL and Connecticut

Available for Travel

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The Noise Boy

Emerson Cole

Hey! I'm Emerson Cole, a production sound mixer based in Chicago, IL, and Connecticut. As you can see I am not truly locked in anywhere, like I always have been, a nomad. If you need a sound mixer anywhere in the world, I can make that happen! 

As a production sound mixer, I am here to get you the best sound on set and capture those beautiful performances you worked so hard to get filmed.

With over 5 years of production sound experience and graduating from Columbia College Chicago, I have worked on basically any type of production, be it feature films. TV shows, documentaries, advertising, podcasts, live shows, etc. 

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  • Field Mixers w/ Integrated Multitrack Recorders

  • Timecode & Genlock Sync Boxes

  • Timecode Smart Slate

  • Wireless IFBs Headsets for Client, Producers, Directors, or Reporters

  • Wireless Camera Hops (Camera Links for Reference Mix)

  • Wireless Lavaliers / Talent Mic Kits

  • RF Distribution & Remote Antennas

  • Boom Mic Kits w/ Interior & Exterior Mics, Wind Protection, etc

  • Plant Mic’ing Solutions

  • Stick Mics & Studio Microphones

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